PATAGONIAN MOSS dries its moss naturally in state of the art greenhouses. The company also has a processing and packing plant and extensive storage capacity in each of its facilities in southern Patagonia, Magallanes Region, and in the Lakes Region. 


  • San Pablo 12, Puerto Varas

"Natales" headquarters:

  • Puerto Natales

Guest house:  

  • San Pablo 12, Puerto Varas
  • Puerto Natales

Processing plants:

  • San Pablo 12, Puerto Varas
  • Quemas Blancas, Cruce Calbuco
  • Seno Obstrucción, Puerto Natales
  • Rubens, Puerto Natales(Under construction)


Puerto Varas

Quemas Blancas

Seno Obstrucción

Puerto Natales


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